Night & Sports Mouth Guards

At Oakmount Dental in South Burnaby, our dentists can help protect your teeth from damage during sports activities or teeth grinding while you sleep with custom mouth guards.

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What is a Mouth Guard?

A mouth guard is a custom-made protective device that fits over your teeth. It can be worn during sports to protect from trauma or at night to prevent teeth grinding (known as bruxism) and Jaw Muscle Dysfunction (TMD). 

Sports Mouth Guards

It is recommended that you wear a sports guard while participating in any sporting activity that puts your teeth, mouth or jaw at risk of coming into contact with another person or object.

A custom-made sports guard can act as a barrier between your teeth and anything that might cause impact, preventing injuries such as broken teeth and cut gums.

Night Mouth Guards

Patients that suffer from teeth grinding or clenching during sleep can benefit from night mouth guards. Grinding can cause damage to your upper and lower teeth over time. A night guard can act as a buffer, preventing contact.

Pain from TMD and jaw clenching can be relieved with a night guard, as it prevents patients from being able to clench their jaws while they sleep.

Your dentist can fit you with a custom-made night guard to help protect your teeth while you sleep, and relieve the symptoms of teeth grinding. A digital scan of your teeth ensures a comfortable and snug fit, and a more a peaceful night's sleep.

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