Who's at risk for a dental emergency?

Over our lives, there are a number of different reasons why one might experience a dental emergency. some within our control and some outside of it. Our Burnaby dentists share some of the reasons why you may have an increased risk of a dental emergency and what to watch for.

Why would someone have an increased risk of a dental emergency?

Over the course of our lives, we will experience a number of situations that may put us at an increased risk of having a dental emergency. There is no single time in our lives that these will happen as there is no single situation. Here are a few common causes of dental emergencies in children, adults and seniors.

What causes an increased risk of dental emergencies in children?

Children are known to run around, play, be active and play sports, all of which can potentially be the cause of a dental emergency. Another potential risk factor is the high amount of sugar that children are typically eating. This can lead to dental decay resulting in an emergency situation.

If your child plays sports then they may benefit from the use of a sports mouthguard to help protect their teeth from injury.

From the time their first tooth erupts through the gumline, children need to see their dentist regularly and practice a great at-home oral hygiene routine to ensure their teeth develop properly. This will help them build a solid foundation for oral health throughout their lives.

What are some of the dental emergencies that we may face as adults?

Our teeth will show the signs of wear and tear just like the rest of our body. You can help to minimize the negative effects of daily life by ensuring daily tooth brushing, flossing and routine professional dental care.

Between the ages of 17 and 25, wisdom teeth may also erupt, potentially resulting in a dental emergency if they cause severe tooth pain. If you are experiencing dental pain then you may also be suffering from an infection which is a dental emergency that will require immediate care.

Most of these can be prevented or at least minimized by seeing our dentist regularly so he or she can track oral health and any conditions that should be treated. Also, remember to brush and floss daily.

What are the risks associated with a dental emergency that seniors may face?

Once you reach your senior years you may have experienced a number of dental issues and some of which may begin to cause conditions that are considered a dental emergency.

Grinding can result in jaw pain or TMJ Disorder, and gum disease may advance to the point that the gums begin to recede. This can leave tooth roots exposed - and lead to painful infections or conditions that may result in dental emergencies that need our dentist’s immediate attention.

Your dentist may recommend dental implants in place of teeth that have needed to be removed due to a dental emergency.

No matter what your age, your dentist can assess your oral health and provide a dental risk assessment, taking into account your lifestyle and unique circumstances that may factor into your overall risk of experiencing a dental emergency.

Do you think that you may be having a dental emergency? Our Burnaby dentists are here to help you during our regular office hours.

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